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At CCMS, our mission and values are transforming productivity in companies, one management and leadership professional at a time.


To provide our clients with tailored assessments, informed decision making and advisement, and solutions to achieve their goals while increasing productivity and profit.

A3 Approach

  • Assessment
  • Advisement
  • Achievement

Our Values

Communications and Change Management Solutions (CCMS) is an organizational change management company. The tenets and principles of our organization stem from the Greek philosopher of Ephesus, Heraclitus, who coined the phrase “Change is the only constant in life.”

While many have agreed and disagreed with this philosophy for centuries, anyone working in a 21st Century company can attest to “change being a true constant” in our churning corporations, governmental agencies and small office environments.

Heraclitus was current then and he is correct now.

Our Values:

  • Ethics – Integrity and ethical behavior, honesty, respect from the top down, and from the bottom up
  • Passion and Optimism – Humor, innovation, creativity, enthusiasm
  • Responsibility – Engagement, contribution, sharing, commitment
  • Responsiveness – Continuous learning and development, professional flexibility
  • Results Orientation – Emphasis on outcomes, and outcomes measurement