Dr. Adrienne Semidey

Dr. Adrienne Semidey is an expert in change management, strategic planning, organizational development, corporate leadership and relationship building. Dr. Semidey has directed multiple corporate operations functions: billability projections, forecasting, human resource allocation and continuous process improvement.

Her organizational activities emphasize stakeholder engagement, nurturing, maintaining and developing client relationships. Dr. Semidey has developed strategic plans and strategic partnerships which operationalize corporate change agendas, including corporate diversity efforts with internal staff.

For program implementation and qualitative research, Dr. Semidey has identified & engaged with high-risk, at risk and target populations. Dr. Semidey has also worked with organizations in the effort to build a pipeline of Federal contract business. Additionally, Dr. Semidey has managed relationships with corporate & governmental project partners, co-managed a division of 200+ professionals.

Dr. Semidey is on the Faculty at the School of Business and Management, University of Maryland University College. As an Organizational Leadership and Development professional, Dr. Semidey has worked for federal, state, private sector, and non-profit entities. Formerly, Dr. Semidey was Director of Business Development and Minority Health and Health Disparities for Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE). Prior to joining PIRE, Dr. Semidey served as a Senior Vice President at ICF., capping 25+ years of experience managing substantial business units and directing multi-million dollar, multi-year projects.

As a Senior Vice President of a Strategic Communications and Marketing Division in a $750M company, Dr. Semidey co-managed a $40M+ division, with responsibility for $29M in revenue. Communications and Change Management Solutions areas of expertise include business development, communications and marketing, human capital development, organizational development and technical writing.